Forgive me for wanting to skip the usual marketing tricks for a moment (fancy videos, animated sliders, etc) and get straight to the point.

portrait3_webMy name is Peter and I’ve been building websites since 1997, serving clients in virtually every field imaginable.

This uncommon experience provides insights that are unique to most web designers.

Having had site traffic and content views in the millions gives me a rare perspective on user experience and best practices that few can match.

Does that experience make me the best designer on the planet? Definitely not. In fact, I’m the first to admit that my designs often aren’t all that unique and that often the best approach is actually to customize existing templates instead of make new ones.

Does that experience make me the best programmer on earth? Hardly! In fact, I barely code at all, but manage just fine at most of the standard tasks that are really needed these days… installing databases, getting WordPress running, customizing styles, setting up content with a few HTML/CSS hacks thrown in.

So how am I successful without being the best designer or programmer on earth?

It’s pretty simple.

The majority of the work we do is based on helping people navigate their way through frightening terrain. Because most people feel totally lost when it comes to starting a new site, rebuilding an old one or venturing off into a new marketing strategy in the scary world of “social.”

This is where the nearly two decades of experience comes in. It’s not just about the pixels on the screen, but about guiding you through an often difficult process of crafting a digital persona for yourself.

We’re here for you.

Whether it’s getting an outside POV on your current design and site structure, help crafting a social media strategy, building up your content to increase visitors or simply some unrestrained encouragement about taking your digital career to the next level, you’re in safe hands.

All this and more is available via hourly consulting.

$75 per hour
(first 15 minutes free!)

Payments processed via Dwolla.