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Recent Projects

  • Direct Composer
  • Adjunct Action
  • Joanna Burke
  • Olson Visual
  • Homestead Productions
  • LA Art Collective


kristian If everyone worked as well as you did my life would be much easier… thank you!
Kristian Harper
MalloryYou are so great and helpful and most importantly fast!
Mallory Eisenstein
keoniThanks for a great job… Very impressed with how easy the process was and how fast you are.
Keoni Waxman

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Atomic Blog


Before and After

Marking our 10 year anniversary (Atomic Design Studios was founded in Olympia, Washington in 2004), we're excited to showcase an entirely new logo and site design for our online portfolio. Designed by our new associate Susanne Stauch, this new logo features some of the original elements such as the Conduit typeface and the theme of atomic structure as in the original, but represents a significant shift into an elegant simplicity…read more →

Websites Aren’t Widgets

While setting up a website isn't as easy as grabbing a widget off the shelf, we've been working hard for 17 years to make it almost that easy. The good news is that technology has changed rapidly and mostly for the good. For the better part of a decade there were soooo many issues holding web designers back... the lack of browser-based tools, being forced to create graphics out of…read more →