We offer a variety of Wordpress-based services, matched to a wide range of budgets.

Explore the galleries below then schedule a free consultation to discuss your specific needs.

all2gethernow details

Simple and direct project archive for the Berlin-based arts and culture organization.

Love Burger details

Possibly the easiest to use (and edit) restaurant website ever made.

Society of Owners details

Experimenting at the intersection of co-operative principles and precarious freelancer conditions.

Tiffany Trenda details

Explore the edge of arts and technology with the Los Angeles based performance artist.

Olson Visual details

Celebrating over 65 years, this unique family business builds a wide variety of signage and advertising systems.

Heartbeat House details

The Los Angeles-based dance and yoga studio, with a constantly changing daily schedule.

Vanishing Portrait details

A series of interactive videos that conceptually focus on racism in image-making technologies and social media.

Monster Records details

Emmy Award winning engineer Kristian Harper (who has several gold and multi-platinum records adorning his walls) runs Monster Records.

Mayor Bay Rizz details

Humorous home for the (un)official Mayor of Bay Ridge Brooklyn — Mr. Mike Rizzo. He’s got our vote!


budgets ranging from $250-500

we help...

  • set up your server infrastructure
  • install WordPress, a theme and standard plugins
  • guide you through the process of adding/editing content

we'll also build special pages super quick -- for the more complex stuff that you'd rather not get lost in.

Homestead Productions details

Extensive video portfolio for the Los Angeles based post-production firm.

Bad Lemming details

Digital archive for a Hollywood action director.

Michelle Bankson details

Image and video portfolio site for Los Angeles-based makeup and hair stylist.

LA Art Collective details

A unique collective of artists in Los Angeles, each with their own incredible projects.

Joanna Burke details

Los Angeles art consultant who provides innovative art and design solutions to clients in healthcare, residential, hospitality and corporate settings.

Parkhurst Paper Arts details

An amazing artist whose medium is paper. The detail in her work has to be seen to be believed.

Karyn Wagner details

Portfolio for a Hollywood film and television costume designer.


budgets ranging from $500-$1500

In addition to all standard infrastructure we...

  • consult on content structure and presentation
  • design and implement a unique theme or design
  • create a custom image or video portfolio system, tailored to your needs
  • guide you through editing content, so you're free to update as your portfolio grows

at slightly higher budgets, we can also build out your entire site for you

Bold New World details

Who wants to go back to “normal” post-corona? Not us!

Shanta Vira Yoga details

Michael J. Stewart is a profound teacher with a unique hatha yoga practice.

Spring Berlin details

re:publica’s portal site for Berlin’s 2017 spring conference season.

Felicious details

Felicitas Seidler creates jewellery that is made with technical knowledge and an affinity towards simplicity.

Performersion details

re:publica’s new conference Performersion exploring the immersive arts in Berlin.

Heidi Pop details

A German fashion photographer who seems to effortlessly channel the soul of her subjects into her lens.

various budgets

ranging from $250-$1500

suitable for brochure sites, unique service offerings or highly customized content publishing systems

Sankt Oberholz details

Four different websites for the iconic Berlin brand. Running on WordPress multisite, featuring bespoke content management tools.

Resonate details

A fair trade streaming music service conceived in Berlin, founded in Ireland… and owned by people all over the world.

PopKultur details

A unique Berlin music festival running since 2015.

Gold Produkt details

Jewellery and product design portfolio site for ATOMIC partner Susanne Stauch.

Monc details

Alternative, indie-soul artist Monc has just released his latest album “Sweet Songs of Survival”.

Cristina Nehring details

Award-winning essayist, scholar, travel writer and memoirist known for her spirited and contrarian reflections.


typically $2500 and up


  • original themes
  • multi-language sites
  • custom publishing solutions
  • community and e-commerce
  • detailed content management + more

estimates available upon request