Timing Your Content

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April 18, 2013

One thing that folks with a brand new website tend to do is publish everything all at once. Once the thrill of content publishing kicks in, there’s a rush to want to get everything up all at once.


Why? Because when it comes to how Google sees your site (assuming they see you at all), it’s much better to trickle everything out in small doses.

The reason for this is fairly simple. If you have 20 articles ready for publishing and stick them all up at once, then when Google indexes your site, they’ll see a site with 20 pages. If your site is set to be re-indexed, then when Google returns, they’re not going to find anything new.

However, if you schedule your content for gradual release (which is super easy when using something like WordPress), then set your articles and blog posts to be published every few days, at random intervals.

Then, when Google’s robots return to your site to see what’s new, they’ll immediately find, that’s right… new content!

So whether you’re running a WordPress site or not, plan to release your content in stages instead of all at once. For remember, if Google is happy, you’re happy. (It’s a strange equation, but this is the world we live in.)

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