Websites Aren’t Widgets

November 23, 2013

While setting up a website isn’t as easy as grabbing a widget off the shelf, we’ve been working hard for 17 years to make it almost that easy.

The good news is that technology has changed rapidly and mostly for the good.

For the better part of a decade there were soooo many issues holding web designers back… the lack of browser-based tools, being forced to create graphics out of every font other than Arial, Helvetica, Verdana and Times New Roman and the lack of any decent content management system (CMS) that clients could use and didn’t cost $10K to develop.

Wordpress-logoFortunately, most of those problems have been solved in one tool – WordPress.

Having been a fan of the CMS for years, I was nonetheless STUNNED to learn that it has become so popular that upwards of one in six websites are powered with it. Given the vastness of the internet, that’s an astonishing figure.

Given that phenomenal fact, it’s no wonder that virtually every project we produce these days uses the platform. After all, what’s the point in building a Flash or HTML site that your client can never access?

So if you’re one of our existing clients (or hopefully considering becoming a new one) don’t be surprised if we end up saying that we won’t take on the project unless it’s a WordPress project.

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