Collaborations with Fertig Design

May 14, 2015

Since relocating to Berlin over two years ago, we’ve gradually picked up more local gigs, working with Germans and other expats on various web projects.

One very fulfilling, ongoing partnership has been with Norman Palm of Fertig Design, whom we’ve collaborated with on numerous projects, providing extensive CSS hacks and WordPress development for his detailed, minimalist designs.

Most of the sites have been totally in German, with a few also offered in English. Projects included hacks for Andreas Gebhard, Claudia Brückner, and Anette Violet.

One extremely interesting project that we just launched was for the upcoming Pop-Kultur festival to be held at the world famous Berghain. We did all of the WordPress backend, theming and dual-language setup.

We’re also in the midst of doing similar tasks for Sankt Oberholz which is pretty thrilling considering it was the first startup-related venue in Berlin that we came across upon arrival.

So if you’re looking for elegant, minimalist design, we’re happy to collaborate with Norman in the future – he can do the design and Atomic will do all things WordPress!

Here are a few screenshots from projects we’ve worked on with Norman:

[layerslider id=”5″]

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