February 5, 2016

Thank God I don’t live in Silicon Valley.I’d probably lose my mind.But I DO live in Berlin, which some say is the startup capital of Europe, supposedly having surpassed London for total VC investment.And Berlin, like all other startup hubs, is full of techies who drank the Valley Kool-Aid. It’s an intoxicating elixir infused with […]

July 29, 2015

This post outlines three methods of building a site, both for our clients as well as anyone else in the interwebs that stumbles upon this article.It used to be that there was only ONE way to build a website – you’d hire a pro who would create custom layouts in Photoshop or Illustrator and then […]

May 14, 2015

Since relocating to Berlin over two years ago, we’ve gradually picked up more local gigs, working with Germans and other expats on various web projects.One very fulfilling, ongoing partnership has been with Norman Palm of Fertig Design, whom we’ve collaborated with on numerous projects, providing extensive CSS hacks and WordPress development for his detailed, minimalist […]

February 11, 2014

Marking our 10 year anniversary (Atomic Design Studios was founded in Olympia, Washington in 2004), we’re excited to showcase an entirely new logo and site design for our online portfolio.Designed by our new associate Susanne Stauch, this new logo features some of the original elements such as the Conduit typeface and the theme of atomic […]

November 23, 2013

While setting up a website isn’t as easy as grabbing a widget off the shelf, we’ve been working hard for 17 years to make it almost that easy.The good news is that technology has changed rapidly and mostly for the good.For the better part of a decade there were soooo many issues holding web designers […]

July 22, 2013

ADS front man Peter Harris (um, that’s me writing in the third person again) is eager to offer services to the amazing creative community that is Berlin.Whether building a new multilingual site, setting up a side blog and social media strategy or perfecting your English translations to reach a wider audience, we’re ready to snap […]

April 18, 2013

One thing that folks with a brand new website tend to do is publish everything all at once. Once the thrill of content publishing kicks in, there’s a rush to want to get everything up all at once.Don’t.Why? Because when it comes to how Google sees your site (assuming they see you at all), it’s […]

July 20, 2012

In the last half of the 00’s (as in the first decade of the new millennium) it seemed that the world was finally heading towards standards for the web that everyone could rely on. Standards make everything so much more efficient, allowing innovation to penetrate the digital realm at ever faster speeds.And then something comes […]

November 7, 2010

Ok, I’ll admit, I just wrote that as a cute title. It really should be “what are your links doing” because really, you want your links to stay out all night. You want them to party like rockstar, spreading viruses with whoever they come into contact with–wait, these metaphors are getting muddled. I’ll explain.Most people, […]

September 28, 2010

Kudos to the WordPress gurus who have recently released version 3.0 of the popular blog slash content management system (CMS) — it rocks.In case you weren’t aware, you’re looking at a WordPress site right now.Once known primarily as a blogging tool, it has now grown into a fully fledged CMS that is easy to use […]